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Theo Milo


Architecture, Interior Design and Commercial Photography.

With over 10 years of business ownership and 15 years as a professional photographer under his belt Theo has been praised for his attention to detail and his pursuit of excellence.  Architecture tells a story, takes you from one atmosphere to another, evoking a sense of place and emotion.  Capturing these emotions and purpose through the imagery you present are paramount in communicating your value and potential to your clients, that is where Theo comes in. Theo is uniquely experienced in the art of working with people and light, bringing this expertise to the world of Architecture and Interiors gives him the perfect blend to create imagery that tells a story.

Growing up in Northern California Theo has always had an appreciation for nature, art and design.  After a short stint in Southern California, where his photography career began, he moved to the east coast where he married and has since refined his craft.